PAINT IT & it will COME!

I have an "Art Philosophy"! .....  PAINT IT & it will COME!   
I'm looking forward to you SPRING! 😊

These little birdies are mixed media on 6x8 wood cradle board.  
The original painting was an abstract (under this).  And I used a method called "negative painting" (which means painting around the subject & filling in the background) to create the birdies, branches & leaves.  
NEVER throw away what you consider a "mistake"!  They make GREAT experimental projects!  
And I really love how this came out!  


Too funny! 😂 I'll have to remember this one for my next show. lol! 



Hi there!  I know it's been awhile.  QUITE a while.  "Life" happens (as they say).   But I'm ready to jump back in & play again (smile).  I have really missed this part of my world.  And I will be sharing some of the new techniques I've been messing around with while absent.  Yeah, I might have been quiet in cyber world - but I haven't been idle in the studio!

Just in case I haven't shared this before.... here's a link to my ETSY shop, if you are interested in any of my pieces.  It also gives you a sneak peek into some of the processes & mediums I plan to share with you!  




My husband and I had just finished lunch at one of our favorite Thai Cuisines, in downtown Bend.   As we got in our car to leave, we noticed some serious renovation going on at the other end of the block - another of our other favorite places to lunch.  As we drove past it, they were taking this big gorgeous door  (that I had always admired) off of one of the outside entrances.  
Long story short.....  they were going to just throw it away!  But they gave it to me! :-)
I had not a clue at the time what I would do with it - only that I loved it.  So it sat in storage until this last winter, when I took it out and made a new table for my studio!  
Heavy, sturdy, and a great size to work on!  46x80.


It's starts on the INSIDE!

Well, it may not exactly look like spring outside yet.  But I feel it on the inside!  And what's on the inside just naturally comes out of the brush!

WELCOME SPRING! We've been waiting for you!



"Body of earth, don't talk of earth - Tell the story of pure mirrors. The CREATOR has given you this splendor - why talk of anything else?"

~ Rumi


The Jireh Project

At the same time I was doing the shows at the hospitals, another opportunity came up!  A dear friend of mine opened a local center providing vital support, healthy connections and access to services for single moms and children.  And I was honored to do some pieces especially for them.

In the reading area: 
Size 36x48x1.5, and 24x48x1.5.  
These are collaged with the scripture that represents the Jireh Project's mission. 

In the Children's play area: 
 2 canvases, one above the other.  Each measuring 24x48x1.5

Close ups: 
The googly eyes on the birdies got the stamp of approval from my 2 year old grand daughter (smile)

Still Alive and Painting!

Yep, I'm still here (in case anyone was wondering). I know it's been a LONG while since I posted on my art blog! SHAME ON ME! And I have the typical excuse... "life got BUSY!" But it was busy with good stuff  (smile)

Since I last posted I was asked to do an art show for the hospital. Which has evolved into 3 art shows back to back now! In 2 different hospitals and currently for the Cancer Center. So I've been constantly painting as each show has required new paintings to keep the show fresh and filled (replacing the ones that have sold).

It's been a TERRIFIC experience! Not just because I've sold paintings at each showing. But because of the feedback and wonderful people I have met! Many many times I've been told that my work has brought a lot of encouragement and cheer to a place where things can be very sad. Some have even expressed how GOD has spoken to them through a particular piece. And several times now, I've gotten phone calls from someone on their cell, while standing in front of one of my paintings, wanting to tell me how they appreciate the message it conveys. You can't put a price on that!