How many times have you heard "DON'T THROW IT OUT! You may use it someday!" ?
But I was in a clear-it-out-of-my-studio mood this last week. (remember I had just sold a bunch of paintings and rearranged my studio?) And this unfinished piece had sat in my studio for nearly 5 years! This doesn't happen very often but... for some reason I'd started this painting and stopped in the middle of it. It was like I'd run out of inspiration mid stream ??? And I was seriously considering just tossing it because it had so much texture that it'd be impossible to work over the top of it.
But WAIT! Today it suddenly looked DIFFERENT to me!!! And I added some papers, tissues, ink, paint and....
I'm glad I didn't throw it out now (smile)

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  1. Oh wow....I can't believe how we are so similar. I love your art and I too love mixed media. I've taken to created fairies who emit positive energie ... don't ask me where the heck that came from since I'm really a mixed-media, altered art, assemblage artist. Like you I love to use everyday things found in our environment. Love your art.
    Love and Light, Happiness and Abundance to ALL and pass on those good intentions.