Change is in the Air!

Many businesses are affected right now by the slowing economy. And if you're a working artist like me, you might be noticing a difference in sales lately too. The trick is...
Just look for different ways to do things! Little adjustments can make a difference. Like....

lower your prices on your artwork. But be careful NOT to lower them too much. Keep in mind if you go too low in price you'll actually cheapen your work, which could cause you to loose buyers, rather than gain them.

If you usually make large expensive pieces of art, try making smaller less expensive variations of the same. Selling several smaller pieces can add up fast!

Another thing I'm doing is...

adjusting my $ need. So rather than paying for a website now I've gone to a FREE version. And I'm actually quite pleased with them!... the templates to choose from... the easy of setting up. If you're like me and would rather pour your energies into your artwork instead of all the time it takes to set up a website you might appreciate this place too....

And while you're there.... check out my new website! ;^)


I can't choose a favorite season. I love them each for their own characteristics. But I especially enjoy the changing part, from one season into the next. I get excited when I see the first flowers of spring, and the first snow flakes of winter. It absolutely delights my eyes to see the first colors of fall. And I've noticed that my artwork often reflects my enthusiasm ;^)