My husband and I had just finished lunch at one of our favorite Thai Cuisines, in downtown Bend.   As we got in our car to leave, we noticed some serious renovation going on at the other end of the block - another of our other favorite places to lunch.  As we drove past it, they were taking this big gorgeous door  (that I had always admired) off of one of the outside entrances.  
Long story short.....  they were going to just throw it away!  But they gave it to me! :-)
I had not a clue at the time what I would do with it - only that I loved it.  So it sat in storage until this last winter, when I took it out and made a new table for my studio!  
Heavy, sturdy, and a great size to work on!  46x80.

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  1. Love, love, love this table. Frankly, it would be perfect in any room of my house except my studio. It's just too beautiful for all the clay and dust and paint!